A Man Takes A Single Rake To The Beach… When You Zoom Out It’ll Blow Your Mind!

Image via Wikimedia Commons. Busking, or street performance, is a tradition that dates back to antiquity and is socially accepted in many different cities and locations around the world. Many buskers who take their jobs seriously work out a highly rehearsed and choreographed routine, not unlike professional stage musicians. Buskers who truly entertain their crowds and choose their locations wisely can go home with some serious money in their pockets. If you really want to make busking a worthwhile experience for you and your audience, try these seven tips. The classic stereotype of a busker is someone who grabs an acoustic guitar and finds a street corner and starts belting it out.

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Post a Comment. Share on Facebook. And they are incredible. Instead, Amador steps and leaps swiftly over the beach, dragging his rake as it scrapes the top layer of the sand, revealing the darker, wet sand below. The contrast creates stunning flowers, snowflakes, and abstract geometric designs that can span , square feet in area.

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No one lives on the island, yet each morning its shores are covered in garbage, much of it single-use sachets of shampoo, toothpaste, detergent and coffee that are carried out to sea by the rivers of overcrowded Manila. Five days of coastal cleanup on the Manila Bay island last month yielded a total of 16, kg of trash, DENR data showed, the bulk of it plastics, including the sachets made of aluminum and blends of plastics.

These packets give some of the poorest people in Asia access to everyday household essentials. Such sachets are sold in most developing countries but the number consumed in the Philippines is staggering – million pieces a day, according to a recent study by environment group The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives GAIA. The country is ranked third in the world for failing to deal with its plastics, according to a study by the University of Georgia, which said 81 percent of plastics waste in the country was mismanaged.

In sea-facing Manila, much of the trash ends up in the sea.

Man single rake beach

These awards are done after each sport season is complete and give institutions such as PBA and its student-athletes an opportunity to earn national recognition. PBA also hosted the event for the second year in a row. A big reason why the Sailfish were able to hold their opponents scoreless throughout the national tournament was the strong right arm of junior pitcher Ashley Jones.

Jones finished the season with a overall record with a 1. Jones broke her own school records for wins in a season 22 , complete games 27 , shutouts 10 , strikeouts and innings pitched She walked only 35 batters on the season.

He has chosen to be in the medium, which is a lot more interesting: he goes to the beach at low tide. He uses a rake to design his masterpieces on the sand of.

Men walk between the sargassum toward a boat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in May. The water off the coast of the Riviera Maya was warmer than I expected, but far murkier. Endless pieces of seaweed, floating on and just below the surface, wrapped themselves like wet masking tape around my flippers and mask as I examined the second-largest reef in the world.

The seaweed invasion is being fed by modern agricultural practices. As the Amazon is deforested to make way for farming, fertilizer used on that land is running off into the Amazon River and the ocean, encouraging blooms. Fertilizer runoff from other parts of the world is also fueling the problem. The seaweed isn’t just grouping in the water, but washing up in unsavory masses on beaches from Cancun to Tulum. There, it stinks like a cracked Easter egg that someone forgot to hard boil.

A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach… When You Zoom Out And See It’ll Blow Your Mind!

Yardley said, can remove debris as small as about a quarter-inch in diameter from as deep in the sand as six inches. When the machine fills up, it can lift the load up and spill it directly into a dump trunk for removal. Yardley is borrowing the beach rake from its owner, the Town of East Hampton, at no charge through an intermunicipal agreement he arranged with Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc. No Village Board resolution was required, Mr. Yardley said.

Yardley noted that Havens Beach is in the Town of East Hampton and that East Hampton children do come to the beach for a month-long swimming program.

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A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach When You Zoom Out And See It’ll Blow Your Mind! Looking out across the beaches of San Francisco, you’re likely.

A “collected” version was published by E. Perrow in It is song number in the Roud Folk Song Index. It should not be confused with shortbread. Its first written version was captured by poet James Whitcomb Riley in Fotch dat dough fum the kitchin-shed Rake de coals out hot an’ red Putt on de oven an’ putt on de led Mammy’s gwiner cook som short’nin’ bread [2]. Fetch that dough, from the kitchen shed Rake those coals out, hot and red Put on the oven and put on the lid Mommy’s going to cook some short’nin’ bread.

When corn plantin’ done come roun’ Blackbird own de whole plowed groun’ Corn is de grain as I’ve hearn said Dat’s de blackbird’s short’nin’ bread. Three little children, lying in bed Two was sick and the other ‘most dead Send for the doctor and the doctor said “feed them children on short’nin’ bread”. When those children, sick in bed, heard that talk ’bout short’nin’ bread. They popped up well, to dance and sing, skipping around and cut the pigeon wing. In some versions there are two children instead of three – and the “other” either “bump’d his head”.

Sand Crabs

Virtually every vacationer to the Outer Banks during the late spring and summer months will encounter a sand crab, though most will never notice it. These small critters which usually lurk just under the ocean floor’s service go by a number of names, including sand crab, sand digger, sand flea, and mole crab, and no matter how you call it, a sand crab is essentially the same.

Small with a mildly hard shell, these crabs are notorious for their skittish movements along the ocean’s edge, as the sand crab is constantly hauled onshore and left to frantically dig under the sand to find a little protection. This daily routine is an entertaining spectator sport for Outer Banks vacationers, and beach visitors who notice the small sand crabs can easily spend hours watching the small critters engage in their burrowing dance all afternoon and evening.

In addition to being endlessly entertaining for beach loungers, sand crabs can also make incredible surf fishing bait in a pinch, and can keep young ones giggling for hours as a caught sand crab tries to harmlessly “burrow” its way into a child’s hand.

Man dragging rake through soil, close-up little boy walking through the sand at the beach, Germany, Lower Saxony One of Nassington Ironstone Mines 16 ​-0STs draws a rake of loaded tippler wagons through the partially flooded.

Sean Corcoran creates massive sand art drawings with a garden rake on beaches around Ireland and the UK. The artworks are professionally captured with high resolution photography and aerial videography. Large Poster Prints of the images are available for sale. A variety of sizes can be ordered and shipped worldwide. We can advise on professional film production and on best practices for online video campaigns involving our sand art.

Maybe you have your own film crew or you might need us to recommend some options. Either way we have lots of experience with drone operators, film producers and campaign managers so we would be delighted to offer you our opinion. We were commissioned by Clean Coasts Week in Northern Ireland to create this collaborative sand art promo for the launch of their campaign in We were commissioned by the Golf Open in Royal Portrush to launch there CleanSeas initiative to remove single-use plastic water bottles from The th Open.

This was a commission from Cork Samaritans for an online campaign. Filmed on Stradbally Cove in Waterford. Many of Seans artworks are solo and he is the only person to witness and photograph them.

SAND MAN: Barber’s Walk-Behind Beach Cleaner